One night when I was tucking my ten year old daughter in to bed, she says "mom I love going to school." I replied, “I love going to work. We must be two happy people." As I thought about this, I realized I do love my job but it's Real Estate, who are we kidding...So maybe I don’t' love it ALL but I love at least 95 percent of it. Since I don't love it I all, I thought I would share what I'm not so crazy about first. One of the few things I do not like is my picture being everywhere. i.e. business cards, e-mail, signs and flyers. Like seriously it makes us all look so vein. I understand the marketing reasons I do, I just don't like looking at myself over and over when my flyers are being spit out of the printer. Then there's the insurance guy who gives me business cards that clearly have a picture of him from the 1970s. Do I use my pic from when I was in my physical prime (no but I should, I think I could pass for my 16 year old self)?  Plus, when I gain weight, do I run out and take a new picture because customers might easily say..."that does not look like you? Yes I have been told that before. Just not a fan of the pics, meet with me in person, first impressions are better than a pic. Then there is the ever dreaded paperwork. Some people love it; I do it, but dislike it. That's what good assistants are for :). I like meeting people, going to business lunches, showing houses and socializing. Although this makes me sound like I should totally be in the VIP crowd of Hollywood Housewives, I promise I am a good realtor and do the other stuff too.


My loves of real estate definitely outweigh my dislikes otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog. My absolute three favorite things are helping people find a home that they just love, helping sellers save money on commissions and the homes themselves. There is nothing like sitting at a closing table with a buyer and watch their excitement from handing them their new keys. It is the best. Buying a home is a very emotional, stressful, nerve racking experience at times and if I can help that experience be smooth and help create memories...there's nothing like it. Saving sellers’ money on commission is another reason I love my job. It has always amazed me that more sellers do not shop around for Realtors. We as consumers shop around for the best deal in a car, clothes, groceries, cable providers, plumbers, roofers, our homes and an endless amount of other items. Sometimes the saying "you get what you pay for," is just not the case. Quality care and service can be given by a Realtor whose motive is a genuine love for the consumer even if it's a stranger. You cannot pay for honesty, love and care. Sometimes those qualities are the attributes of the professional. This is my profession and it does pay my bills and help feed my family without gouging my customers. Another love for my job is the love of houses. I love how they are built, the materials used, houses with character or charm, and watching investors turn dumps into diamonds. Houses are part of the three necessities in, clothing and shelter. The shelter can be as you chose a dwelling that is personal to you. There is something said about the difference between that shelter... a house and a home. A house or shelter is the structure, the actual physical aspects but a home is the love that fills it. I think again about that night my daughter and I had that conversation, it was in our home. A home filled with kids, sticky door knobs and piles of laundry, but also with joy, laughter and memories. I love my job and I love the fact that I can help create a home for someone else. The love I have for at least 95 percent of my job definitely outweighs that 5 percent. I think I can handle it all though. How much do you actually love your job?